BSBP Part Deux

Written By bombomtox on Mar 31, 2012 | 3:02 PM

The minute I laid eyes on the goodies that Andra Weber sent me as part of the latest BSBP, I knew immediately what I was going to use these amazing opalite rounds for.
Almost a year ago, I became a Bead Design Corner Academy (BCDA) instructor for Michaels Arts and Craft stores. It's definitely challenged me in my jewelry making as I've been required to learn a LOT of new techniques to teach as part of our curriculum there. Can we say stretched? But it's been a very good thing. One of the new things that I learned was wire crochet. I've done crafts all my life, but knitting and crocheting were never on the agenda- and still aren't. However, much to my delight, wire crochet has become my new favorite- along with chain maille- and using different combinations makes every new piece unique.

For the piece below I used 26 gauge Artistic non-tarnish silver wire. The Artistic wire gives my wire crochet an added luster and richness and while I don't use it for every necklace, these beauties deserved it.

 I did something a little different with this piece, since the challenge is all about doing new things. I used the beads in a graduated strand and then twisted the three strands together. I love the look of  them- they remind me of gorgeous little bubbles!

Here's another one with the earrings. I kept the earrings simple, using the same chain from the back of the necklace, as I didn't want them to compete with main piece.

Wire crochet is so versatile.  I did this for a dear friend's birthday. She brought me some beautiful blue beads from Venice, and I knew I wanted to make something special for her using one of them as a focal. As it turned out, she'd never bought herself any jewelry on the trip so now she has her own memory piece. That delighted me- and her!

This one for was my sister aka best friend. She wanted lots of colors especially pink and purple, and since she's pretty wonderful,  I do my best to give her what she wants. She's able to wear this with all sort of color combinations.

Finally, here's the necklace I entered in our local county fair. It was the first year that they had jewelry as a competitive event. I was excited when this won a blue ribbon!
Bridal Bliss                   

If you've never worked with wire crochet, please get it a try! There are plenty of online resources, but your local Michaels store should have a BCDA instructor who'd love to teach you this technique.

Thank you again, Lori Anderson, for giving us a chance to learn and tackle new things with  5th Bead Soup Blog Party. If you've never participated in this, there's a 6th BSBP coming soon.

Grateful  today for dashes and splashes of grace and joy,



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